You can easily transport your little one with your own car, if it is designed for 3.5 tons (larger SUV).

Contact us and we will deliver it to wherever you want. So no stress. To transport this little guy, you need a powerful truck that can haul 3.5 tons and  you need a Group B+E licence. If you transport with us, you don't need your own hydraulics.

Where to? The possibilities are endless!

Do you like our house, but are you wondering where to put it? The law is murky in this matter but you can work without many of the usual building permits or notifications. You may still encounter a few local restrictions from local authorities. We will be happy to help you understand what is and isn’t possible.


NEOlithic models

We offer have several versions across the energy range. You can choose a version that is connected to the mains, be it electricity, water or waste. We also offer an offgrid version, with which you can live completely autonomously by opting for photo-voltaic panels, water tanks and other essential equipment for living away from civilisation.


Neo is designed to be environmentally friendly. Wherever we can, we use natural materials such as wood for the frames and sheep's wool for insulation. About the only chemicals we need in construction are glue and waterproofing. We also avoid plastics as much as we can, we use the bare minimum. Because we think being environmentally friendly is also good for your wallet. Our tiny house has amazing insulation and we almost completely avoid “ thermal bridges” that let the cold in during the winter. And just as importantly, the design prevents the heat from seeping in during the summer. Our structural engineer is passionate about this and one of his specialities is avoiding thermal bridges. We also have professionals advising us about specialist insulation materials.

Do you have more questions?
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